Corporate Design


The corporate design is an integral part of the corporate identity and embodies the visual expression of a company. As an agency for holistic brand management, we at Dorten see corporate design as the aesthetic backbone of your brand, which expresses your values and identity in the form of visual elements.

Our expertise in corporate design includes the design and harmonization of various visual components that define your brand. This includes not only the logo, fonts and color palette, but also the design of marketing materials, letterheads, packaging and digital platforms from the website to the X account. The logo, as a central element of corporate design, acts as a distinctive symbol of your brand and is the cornerstone of your visual identity. We develop logos that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also communicate your brand message in a subtle and impactful way. The selection and use of fonts and colors also plays a crucial role in corporate design. We value carefully selecting fonts that characterize your brand and reinforce your message. The color palette is used deliberately to evoke emotions and ensure visual coherence across all touchpoints. In addition, we design marketing materials and digital platforms with a consistent and appealing design that authentically reflects your brand values and attracts the attention of your target group. Corporate design is more than just an aesthetic concept; it is a strategic tool for creating a unified and coherent visual identity. At Dorten, we strive to design your corporate design so that it not only reflects your brand, but also creates an emotional connection with your customers and promotes long-term brand loyalty.

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