Corporate Identity


As an experienced brand management agency, we at Dorten understand the fundamental importance of a carefully designed corporate identity (CI) as an essential element of your brand identity. Our services in this area range from the creative design of visual elements to the precise definition of a verbal and symbolic identity to ensure a coherent and consistent representation of your company.

Our expertise in visual appearance includes the bespoke development of logos, fonts, color palettes and graphic elements. These visual components are not only aesthetically designed, but also strategically aligned to create a distinctive presence that highlights your brand in subtle and impactful ways. In the area of verbal identity, we place particular emphasis on developing concise and coherent language. We don’t just shape words, we create messages that capture the essence of your brand and resonate with a consistent tone across all communication channels. We carefully analyze the symbolic elements that characterize your company and integrate them into the corporate identity. We take into account the values, beliefs and unique history of your company in order to develop identity-forming symbolism that is deeply anchored in the corporate culture. We view corporate identity, as a key element of brand management, as a continuous process. We continually monitor and optimize to ensure your identity remains in line with changing market conditions and the needs of your audience. Our goal is to create not just a visually appealing corporate identity, but an identity that embodies your company values and builds a sustainable bond with your stakeholders. Trust our agency to emphasize the unique personality of your company through a tailor-made corporate identity and take your brand to a new level.

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