photo and video production


At Dorten we are storytellers – we want to convey emotions and communicate brand messages effectively. As an agency for holistic brand management, we see photo and film production as artistic expression and a strategic instrument to bring your brand identity to life.

Our expertise in photo and film productions extends across the entire range of the creative process, from conception and planning to production and post-production. We take responsibility for the artistic realization of your ideas and goals by creating high-quality visual content that authentically represents your brand. In photo and film production, everything starts with a clear concept and a creative vision. We work closely with you to understand your goals and develop a unique visual concept that conveys your message in a powerful and inspiring way. The production itself includes the selection of locations, the casting of talented actors and the assembly of a professional team of photographers, directors, cameramen and other specialists. We pay attention to every detail to ensure production runs smoothly and your brand’s visual aesthetic is perfectly realized. In post-production, we refine the visual content through professional image editing, editing and post-production to ensure that the final product meets your expectations and achieves the desired effect. Photo and film productions are powerful tools for promoting your brand and creating an emotional connection with your target group. At Dorten, we use our creative expertise to tell your story and leave a lasting impression through stunning visual content.

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