Trend Report


We would be happy to create trend reports for you – they are comprehensive analyzes and reports that examine and present current and emerging trends in various areas of society, economy and culture.

As an agency for integrated brand communication, we see it as an indispensable resource that allows us to understand the constantly changing dynamics and trends in society and to offer creative advice at the highest level. Our expertise is based on a deep understanding of social trends and their impact on consumer behavior, attitudes and needs. We continuously analyze current developments and examine the underlying patterns and signals to gain relevant insights. Our creative consulting is based on in-depth trend analyzes and forecasts, which enable us to develop tailor-made strategies and concepts that differentiate your brand and offer real added value for your target group. We understand trends not just as short-lived fads, but as important indicators of the changing needs and expectations of consumers. By integrating trend analysis into our creative consulting, we can ensure your brand is relevant, current and future-focused. At Dorten, we use our expertise and experience to bring your brand to the forefront of current social trends and create a long-term impact that goes beyond mere fads.

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