Qualitative Interviews


Qualitative interviews are an indispensable tool for deepening your understanding of your target group and gaining relevant insights for your marketing strategies or products.

At Dorten, we use our expertise and experience to conduct qualitative interviews that help you achieve your marketing goals and successfully position or develop your brand or its products. Qualitative interviews are structured conversations that serve to gain deeper insights , to gain opinions and perspectives from people on a specific topic, product or service. As an integrated brand communications agency, we see qualitative interviews as an essential research method to better understand the behavior, attitudes and needs of your target group and to make informed decisions regarding your marketing strategies. Our expertise in qualitative interviews includes planning, conducting and evaluating conversations with a variety of stakeholders, including customers, experts, influencers and opinion leaders. We use structured guidelines and open-ended questions to gain deep insight into respondents’ perceptions and experiences and generate relevant insights for your marketing strategies. In addition, qualitative interviews are used to identify potential market trends, competitive advantages and opportunities for your brand. Through direct dialogue with your customers and stakeholders, we can collect relevant information that allows us to continuously optimize your marketing strategies and meet the changing needs of the market. The results of qualitative interviews provide valuable insights and insights that serve as a basis for informed decisions. We were able to accompany renowned companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and DZ BANK in research work in this area.

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