Studio m³

Naming und Logoentwicklung

Studio M³ is more than just a multidisciplinary, internationally active planning office. It embodies the bridge between timelessness and modernity in architecture, a synthesis that is at the core of her design philosophy. Their view of design processes is integrative, and they create lively living spaces that reflect the duality of architecture in all its depth. Studio M³’s profile is based on many years of experience and international expertise, which enable them to fuse local values with global trends. At Studio M³ they see architecture not just as a building, but as an integral part of living communities.

The challenge was to unify this identity in a name and a visual concept. The aim was to capture not only the timeless elegance of the architecture, but also the dynamic essence of the present. The solution manifested itself in Studio M³ – a name that not only cleverly combines the initials of the founders, but also represents the fundamental measurement in architecture, cubic meters.

The heart of the visual concept is the logo. The integration of a changing number from 1 to 9 not only highlights the diversity of the performance phases in architecture, but also adds a contemporary and innovative accent. The clear lines and geometric structure of the logo symbolize the elegance and precision of Studio M³.

The carefully chosen color palette not only creates aesthetic harmony, but also conveys Studio M³’s core values in every visual element. Characterized by a balanced interplay between timeless elegance and modern dynamism, they underline the complexity of Studio M³’s architectural philosophy.

The decision to use the timeless font Helvetica was made consciously. Helvetica embodies clarity and modernity, which fits Studio M³ perfectly. This font choice was used consistently throughout the business stationery.

From business cards to stationery to digital applications – Studio M³’s visual identity has been consistently applied to all business equipment. This ensures a consistent and professional appearance in every interaction with customers and partners.

From coming up with a name to creating a comprehensive style guide, we shaped Studio M3. The result is not just an architectural office, but a living work of art that combines the past and the future. Studio M3 – the successful synthesis of timeless elegance and modern dynamics.



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