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The world is in a state of flux. The “New Work” megatrend is one of the developments that is bringing about particularly far-reaching and sustainable changes. New Work describes how the understanding of work is changing under the influence of digitalization and the impact of changing values.

The areas of life and work can no longer be clearly distinguished from one another. This is reflected in how and where work is done. Employees want new work structures that allow a smooth transition between work and leisure. The “home office” is one of the most important pillars of the “New Work” megatrend and visualizes the adaptation to the constantly changing needs of us. Working in your own home not only allows self-determined and flexible working, but also the desired smooth transition from work to private life, the so-called “work life blending”. To make optimal use of the home office, individual needs and ergonomic requirements must first be considered and met. How do we feel? What do we need to work optimally at home Flexible, adaptable and versatile furniture are key elements of this new work structure.

moll has long been a pioneer in the “furniture for working at home” segment and, with its product lines, offers solutions for demanding people with an affinity for design who are not satisfied with compromises.

The lines are distinguished by their respective design, ergonomics, and functionality, thus meeting the contemporary demands of our time. With individual design and customization options, an optimal work in the home office, and thus more space for productivity and quality of life, is created.

The company has been innovating functional furniture for the home ever since it was founded. In doing so, moll is constantly rethinking the areas of home office, homework, and home storing and, above all, thinking ahead to offer its customers long-lasting, timelessly beautiful, functionally optimized and high-quality products.

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We accompany the brand moll strategically and communicatively. From the sharpening of the brand personality and its brand presence to brand and product campaigns, we work on contemporary brand communication that is consistently aligned with the moll brand personality and its values, in order to subsequently offer the moll products, the context and the stage they deserve.

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