Motion Design


At Dorten, we understand motion design as the art of movement used to tell stories, strengthen brands and improve user experiences.

Our expertise in motion design includes the conception, design and animation of graphic elements, text, images and videos to create an immersive and captivating visual experience. We rely on a creative combination of design, movement and sound to create unique moving image content that brings your brand to life. Motion design has a variety of uses, including animated logos, commercials, explainer videos, social media content and interactive presentations. We use the power of movement to amplify your message, arouse emotions and capture the attention of your target group. Creating moving image content requires a deep understanding of design principles, animation techniques and storytelling. We combine aesthetic design with fluid animations to create a seamless and immersive visual experience that will leave your brand positively remembered. The technical implementation of motion design includes the use of software and tools to create and edit moving image content. We rely on state-of-the-art technology and innovative animation techniques (advised and supported by our network) to achieve breathtaking visual effects and present your brand in the best possible way. Motion design is more than just animation; it is a creative art form that allows stories to be told and emotions to be conveyed. At Dorten, we use our passion and expertise to create a lasting impact through impressive motion design and strengthen your brand in the digital space.

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