In this day and age, we are all trained to hide, click away, or move on from advertisements. We consume content that is easy to digest and can be consumed quickly. This leads to a kind of emptying of the meaning of words that are used in an inflationary way. That’s why it’s crucial to us at Dorten that our work – the “WHAT” – speaks to people, is relevant in their lives, connects with them and touches them emotionally.

That’s why at Dorten we emphasize the development of formats as one of our core competencies. For us, format development means the creative implementation of a previously developed strategy – the “WHY”. At the beginning of a collaboration, we never know what format will emerge in the end – the “HOW”. It could be an event, a corporate video, a series format, an Instagram story, a book or even a song. At Dorten, we take on this challenge with targeted creative techniques and a clear focus on our audience.
Our format development is a targeted creative process to touch people on a deep level. We don’t just rely on superficial effects, but strive to create an authentic connection that lasts for a long time and has a lasting impact on the audience. Our formats should not only be seen, but also felt.

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