Content Strategy


Content creation can be a demanding and challenging task. Because it requires the interaction of many factors, such as quantity, quality, creativity, target group needs and timing. At Dorten, we are experts in content strategies to improve the effectiveness of content production.

A content strategy is a structured plan that includes creating, publishing and managing content on digital platforms or other media channels. It sets the guidelines and goals to ensure that the content created addresses the needs of the target audience, effectively communicates the brand message and supports the overall business goals. A typical content strategy may include the following elements: Goal setting and audience analysis, where the overarching goals to be achieved by the content strategy are defined, as well as the identification and understanding of the target groups in order to tailor content according to their needs and interests design. It also includes determining the types of content (e.g. blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.) as well as the formats to be used to best address and engage the target group. Furthermore, a content strategy with us involves planning the creation and publication of content according to a set schedule and strategy to ensure consistent exposure and interaction with the target audience. It also includes determining the channels and platforms on which the content should be published and distributed, taking into account the preferences and behavior of the target group. In addition to developing strategies to promote and market content, a content strategy includes the implementation of methods for Measuring the performance of the content using relevant metrics such as reach, engagement, conversion rate and return on investment. Through continuous analysis, we can make adjustments and optimizations for you to improve the effectiveness of the content strategy. For us, an effective content strategy focuses on the goals and needs of the brand as well as the interests and expectations of the target group. It serves as a guide for content creation and publishing to ensure that the content created is relevant, engaging and impactful.

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