communication strategy


For us at Dorten, the communication strategy is an elaborate tool for interacting with selected target groups, be it on an internal or external level. From companies, institutions to personalities, we specified them in order to specify goals, cultivate messages and establish and maintain relationships with target groups.

Dorten offers a comprehensive service in the area of communication strategy that focuses on precise objectives and target group selection. We develop exquisite messages that take into account the individual needs and uniqueness of each target group. By carefully selecting appropriate communication channels and media, such as social media, press releases, websites and personal communication, we spread the messages effectively. We set a precise schedule that takes into account the frequency and timing of messages in accordance with needs and relevance. Our strategy also includes efficient resource allocation and budgeting, where we conscientiously allocate human resources, time resources and monetary resources to successfully implement the strategy. We develop indicators to evaluate the success of the communication strategy and adjust it if necessary. Our approach takes into account the specific needs, values and expectations of the target groups as well as the individual circumstances and goals of the organizations or personalities for which the strategy is being developed. With our holistic approach, we support our customers in developing and implementing effective communication strategies.

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