brand Strategy


Established brands anchor themselves sustainably in the minds of their customers and convey a communal feeling of connection in their target group. At Dorten we focus intensively on the development of your brand strategy, but what exactly is behind this concept?

A brand strategy represents a strategic roadmap that aims to specifically shape the image, perception and positioning of a brand in the market. It is based on an in-depth analysis of market structures, target groups, the competitive environment and business goals. Brand strategy defines the values, characteristics and identity that the brand embodies and formulates strategies to differentiate it from competitors. It also defines the target groups and defines the communication channels through which the brand interacts with these target groups. In addition, the brand strategy serves as a guide for all marketing activities to ensure consistent and effective brand communication. Ultimately, the brand strategy strives to build long-term relationships with customers and sustainably strengthen brand loyalty. At Dorten, we are proud to work with renowned brands such as the BMW Group, BMW i, ISPO and Bosch Powertools Accessories. These partnerships enable us to manifest our expertise in brand strategy consulting and develop tailor-made solutions. By working closely with these industry leaders, we have gained valuable insights and identified best practices that enable us to deliver even greater value to our customers. Our experiences with these outstanding brands have enabled us to continually improve our strategies and develop innovative approaches to optimally position our customers’ brands and strengthen their long-term competitiveness.

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